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10 reasons you should always get a home inspection no matter what home inspection company you use!

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

So your almost at the end of the home buying process. Well take a deep breath, try to relax because your almost there. There will always be a laundry list of excuses that you will hear as to why you don't need one. DONT LISTEN TO THEM! This is my blog as a home inspector on why you should get a home inspection no matter what anyone tells you! (even if its not with us lol)

(1) Its brand new construction though!

alt="image of huge trusses with roof sheeting and fascia boards attached"

Do you think every contractor or county inspector catches everything. I've caught pretty big mistakes that have "slipped" past county inspectors. Not saying it was on purpose but we are human and things happen.

(2) The seller said the roof was just redone.

And he/she may be right, but was it done with permits and correctly, if not your wind mitigation and insurance coverage will suffer greatly. This is one of the biggest components of a home and paper work and permits are a must if repairs have been done!

(3) Lending

Certain lenders require specific inspections in order to qualify for funding. Make sure to talk to them and find out the details on what types of inspections they are looking for. Most lenders only need a 4 point inspection and a wind mitigation. There are a lot of companies that will gladly up-charge you for the inspections you don't need. A 4 point inspection is cheaper but not near as thorough as a full inspection. The cost is usually worth getting a full inspection and it will suffice for a 4 point inspection.

(4) Electrical systems!

alt="man electrical inspector is point towards where a lot of wires drop down from the roof and a woman electrical inspector in filling out reports based on what they see"

There are numerous reason why every electrical system should be inspected, recalls on panels, recalls on breakers, aluminum wiring (yes theres a difference), unlicensed work that could pose a fire risk to not only you and your family, but your home. The biggest danger is electrocution!

(5) Blinded by love!

Yes its a great location and the price is spectacular and it has that homey feel. But your looking past the rotten fascia boards next to the gutter, that appears like its been pouring water on the foundation eroding all the soil away leaving it undermined and creating structural issues to come. Not a cheap fix down the road!

(6) Maintenance cost

This is usually an over looked item in most home inspections. Meaning "ah it just needs a coat of paint" ... and then new caulking, repaired screens, leaky faucet. It starts to turn into a snowball effect and can add up to more than just "a coat of paint". A home inspection can help prioritize your maintenance needs.

(7) Negotiation leverage on home.

This can become a pro or a con. Just because the inspection report has turned up some minor non safety issues that does not mean that the seller will knock 20k of the price. For example, just because there was a faucet that leaks or HVAC drain line was partially clogged, the Seller may just say no and take offense and not sell on principle because you lowballed them. Buyer beware!

(8) WDO inspection.

Wood destroying organisms especially in the southern states don't always leave a red flag when they are present. This is usually an add on service but in the grand scheme of things 100-200 dollars is a drop in the bucket to find out later that you didn't see termites, carpenter bees, carpenter ants or wood boring beetles.

(9) Pre listing inspections.

These inspections are under used in my opinion as an inspector. The homeowner usually tends to be unhappy with the inspection report when an inspection is done. When you live in a home, you usually don't see the the "little things" that add up to a lot on paper. Missing caulking around windows, loose door hinges, air filter that's way to dirty (even I'm guilty of) and some bigger things like a bathroom GFIC that won't trip (very common) or was replaced with non GFIC. But when you have a list of things to fix, it makes the sellers and the agents life easier, and narrow down which items are worth fixing.

(10) Piece of mind!

Yes that extra $300-600 dollars in inspections hurts and it feels like your just bleeding money. But when your about to drop anywhere between 100k-500k on your average home, a $600 set of inspections to tell you exactly the condition of the home in its present condition is well worth the piece of mind in the long run.

So I hope these reasons that we've given you will help you on your home buying or real estate journey and save you some grief along the way. The PPI family wishes you nothing but the greatest of wishes and joys that come with owning, buying or selling a home!

picture of roof and gutters a male hand is pulling handful of wet leaves and dirt out of gutter and dripping water
cleaning gutters twice a year ( quarterly if you have trees close to home) can save you major headaches with standing water and water intrusion. keeping water away from roof edges is very critical.

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